Daniel Behan – Playing Racquetball

Daniel Behan says he is lucky to get as much free time as he does each summer. But as a history teacher in the Rochester Public Schools, summers off come with the territory.

It isn’t all leisure time for him, however. During the summer months, Daniel Behan teaches American and World history two nights a week at a local community college, and he also volunteers his time with Turn the Page, a childhood literacy program.

But in the daylight hours he devotes as much time as he can to four things: sailing, playing golf, playing racquetball, and spending time with his family. Racquetball has quickly become a favorite activity for Daniel Behan. “It’s a great workout, but one of the things I like most is that I can always count on it. Even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, I can play.”

As Daniel Behan knows, it takes about twenty minutes to play one game of racquetball. It’s an intense and fast-paced game, and during those twenty minutes he runs about thirty-six hundred feet, according to the United States Olympic training center. After playing for just one hour he’s burned up to eight hundred calories and run more than two miles. He says that it’s a really great way to stay trim and fit.

His doctor tells him that racquetball is doing wonders for his cardiovascular health, too. With all of that running, his heart rate is increased for a prolonged period at seventy-five to eighty percent of its maximum. That’s great for his aerobic capacity, and all of that stopping and starting improves his anaerobic capacity. But for Daniel Behan, the main thing is that it’s a lot of fun.


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